Check out these amazing ladies showing off their denim jeans to support survivors of sexual violence an raise awareness on consent!

What is Denim Day and why is it important?

Quick Facts!

  • In 1990 a man was accused of rape
  • This man sexually assaulted an 18-year old girl
  • This man was convicted of rape but in 1988 the Italian Supreme Court overturned the conviction
  • It was argued the young girl’s jeans were so tight she would have had to ask her attacker to take them off
  • Concluding the case the she was not raped and it was consensual
Let’s Be Clear- That is not consent! Consent is about communication. Consent is an agreement between participants to engage in sexual activity.

You can withdraw from consent at any point you feel uncomfortable. Your body. Your Choice. Period.


Positive consent can look like this:

  • Communicating when you change the type or degree of sexual activity with phrases like “Is this OK?”
  • Explicitly agreeing to certain activities, either by saying “yes” or another affirmative statement, like “I’m open to trying.”
  • Using physical cues to let the other person know you’re comfortable taking things to the next level

It does NOT look like this:

  • Refusing to acknowledge “no”
  • Assuming that wearing certain clothes, flirting, or kissing is an invitation for anything more
  • Someone being under the legal age of consent, as defined by the state
  • Someone being incapacitated because of drugs or alcohol
  • Pressuring someone into sexual activity by using fear or intimidation
  • Assuming you have permission to engage in a sexual act because you’ve done it in the past

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