Program Description

Light to Life utilizes a trauma informed approach that involves recognizing, understanding and responding to all types of dating abuse. Our response is to provide appropriate counseling, support, prevention, and intervention. The importance in responding to trauma is to ensure that young adults recognize the warning signs of abuse, identify their victimization, and receive the appropriate support for counseling services.

Partners –
How Can Light to Life Help You?

Light to Life will gladly join your college, primary/secondary school, non-profit, organization, and business as consultants, workshop presenters, facilitators, panelists, or guest speakers. Light to Life has a unique approach on educating individuals by creating an incredible atmosphere of trust and kindness while encouraging her audience to make healthy relationship choices in their lives. We will develop programs and presentations to address the needs of the specific demographic we are serving.

What are Light to Life’s proposed goal, objectives, target population and implementation plan?

Provide Prevention, intervention, and a support network through educational workshops and support groups

Light to Life’s overall goal is to work with teens/young adults in primary and secondary schools to provide a support network for young adults and victims of abuse. We are partnering with organizations, schools and businesses as consultants, workshop presenters, facilitators, panelists, and guest speakers. Through these partnerships this will provide opportunities to educate young adults about the dynamics of teen dating violence. Our service connects individuals with pertinent resources by proactively reaching out to young adults and developing programs and presentations to address the needs of the specific demographic we are serving. We will empower young adults by providing a support network, psychoeducational workshops, and a safe space to share their stories. Light to Life can present these workshops in various ways through student programs such as: New Student Orientation, Residence Life, Counseling & Psychological Services, and in the classrooms through various academic departments but not limited to Criminal Justice, and Psychology.

Prevention Workshops

Light to Life offers a series of workshops and support groups on a monthly basis to talk about issues that commonly affect college and high school students. The workshops will cover a variety of topics that address healthy and unhealthy relationships with partners and self. Students will feel empowered through awareness, education and supported by their peers.

The potential outcomes of holding these workshops include the following:

  • Increases in the use of healthy relationship skills
  • Reductions in perpetration of physical, sexual and emotional IPV and stalking
  • Reductions in victimization of physical, sexual and emotional IPV and stalking
  • Reductions in perpetration of peer violence, including bullying
  • Reductions in high-risk sexual behaviors
  • Reductions in attitudes that accept violence in relationships
  • Increases in relationship satisfaction and well-being
  • Reductions in substance abuse

Current Workshop Offerings

Love is Blind: Types of Abuse

Most high school and college students have experienced some form of abuse and do not know how to recognize abusive patterns in their partner. This workshops aims to educate young adults on how to identify the various types of abuse that not only include physical but emotional, verbal, sexual, digital, and stalking. Students will provided with preventative tools and strategies on how to identify warning signs of a unhealthy relationship.

Communication 101

Healthy relationships may sometimes have conflicts that arise, it is important to know how to communicate if you are angry. Conflict resolutions tips will be addressed.  This workshop will discuss tips on how to effectively communicate with your partner. When you communicate effectively, you understand your partner better and your relationship will grow stronger. 

Consent 101

It is important that people are properly informed about consent, respecting other people’s boundaries, and not being ashamed of willingly engaging in or rejecting sexual activity. Individuals will have a clear understanding of what consent is, what consent looks like, is and red flags.

Risky Behavior: Drugs, Alcohol, and Abuse, Suicide

Many high school and college students try alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Trying these drugs and not being able to control your behavior can lead to many risks. Abusive behavior can also have a negative psychological impact on the individual which can lead health problems. Victims may also use pills or alcohol to cope with the emotional toll of abuse, which can lead to addictions and suicide. Individuals will understand the relationship between domestic violence, substance abuse and suicide. 

LGBTQ Relationships 101

Healthy relationships all look different but should be created on the same foundation of equality and respect. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth have unhealthy relationships at similar rates as heterosexual couples. This workshop aims to identify abusive patterns in same-sex relationships while providing a support network.

Love Yourself: Self- Care

The most important relationship in life to have is a relationship with yourself. This workshop will help young adults what self-love is and how does it work. Individuals will learn to accept themselves by discovering the possibilities of the self and understand who they are. Young adults will be provided with tools and techniques of self- care.

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