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Tenaj Moody M.S.;LBS

Keynote Speaker| 2X Best Selling Author | Victim and Criminal Justice Reform Advocate| Violence Prevention Educator

After being criminalized for surviving an abusive relationship at the age of 16, Tenaj is a firm believer that you can use your struggles as your motivators to help the world become a better place to live. She was born in Virginia, raised in Northeast Philadelphia and is a Licensed Behavior Specialist with a Masters in Criminal Justice. Tenaj has used her lived experiences and professional experiences to prevent and end domestic violence with one mission and one voice. 

Now, at 30 years old, she is the founder and CEO of Light to Life, LLC, a domestic violence prevention program that she established in 2012, during her sophomore year at Wesley College. Light to Life by providing gender-responsive, evidenced-based, culturally-affirming, trauma-informed
programming, technical assistance and consulting tailored to: survivors of gender-based violence, women, girls, gender nonconforming people (GNC) and justice-involved women and girls. Tenaj has used her experiences as a catalyst to drive her passion to help others who have experienced domestic violence. 

In her previous work, Tenaj was a Program Director at a non-profit providing educational counseling, mentorship and reentry services to currently and formerly incarcerated people. Additionally, Tenaj has been a Victim Advocate working with victims of crime and specialized services for domestic violence and human trafficking survivors. She has 10 years of experience working with survivors of abuse, over 8 years of experience working with males and females with mental and behavioral issues and 5 years of experience working in prisons and jails. Tenaj has worked as an educator, counselor and behavioral specialist in residential facilities with at-risk youth, mental health facilities, non-profits, special education schools, high schools, and colleges. 

Recently, Tenaj published a Best Selling book called, “Carry It With You”, now available on Amazon  for purchase. Click Here! “Carry It With You,” is a story about being rooted, and embracing your lived experiences as strengths to the person you’re growing to be. Tenaj hopes her story will encourage others to embrace their stories and carry their lived experiences with them and know your story is your superpower. 

Tenaj’s lived experiences have been a catalyst for change and has pushed her forward to better understand how her struggles are her biggest motivators. 

She has dedicated her career to human services and victim advocacy which influenced her to become the founder of “Light To Life.”

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